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Sensei Fonseca and Sensei Au Fonseca conduct karate seminars around the world. Fonseca Martial Arts also hosts seminars and training camps featuring well-known guest instructors from across the globe. Some of these visiting instructors have included WKF World Champions George Kotaka and Seiji Nishimura, AAU Chairman Jo Mirza, Shotokan legend Ray Dalke, USA-NKF National Coaches Dustin Baldis, Thomas Hood, John Limcaco, Christina Muccini, and Akira Fukada just to name a few. 

Seminar Flyer Download (for school owners)

Download our Seminar Flyer (PDF) that you can customize and distribute to your school students. Depending on the seminar you are organizing, you will be able to choose a flyer with either sensei Elisa Au-Fonseca, sensei John Fonseca, or both of them on the same flyer.

General Seminar Subjects:

  • Conditioning Drills for Explosive Karate—Learn the exercises that Olympic athletes do to reach an elite level.
  • Kumite Basics—Find out what are the key elements for solid kumite.
  • Kumite Techniques—Punches, kicks and sweeps for students of all ages and skill levels.
  • Strategies for Championship Karate—Learn about mental preparedness for big competitions.
  • Kata—Learn the dynamic gracefulness of Kotaka-ha Shito-Ryu or the power of Shotokan

Sensei Elisa's Previous Seminars

Tokyo, Japan 2005, 2006 Various locations and dojos Sensei Jibiki and Yokose
Ashiya, Japan 2006 Ashiya University Sensei Yamada and Masataka Oshita
Shizuoka, Japan 2005 Various locations and dojos  
Hirado, Japan 2005- 2007 Summer Camp in Hirado Sensei Seiji Nishimura and Sensei Kazuyuki Mastumoto
Melbourne, Australia 2006 Isshin-Ryu and All-Styles Sensei Bruce Hyland
Toronto, Canada 2005 Karate Ontario Sensei Zvonko Celebija
Las Vegas, Nevada 2006 Ozawa Cup Sensei James Tawatao
Houston, Texas 2005 University of Houston, Shoto-kan Sensei Deddy Mansyur
Miami, Florida 2006 AAU National Championship Sensei Jo Mirza
Lakeland, Florida 2005 AAU National Championship Sensei Jo Mirza
Honolulu, Hawaii 2004-2016 All Hawaii and Honolulu Cup Sensei Chuzo Kotaka
Fukuoka, Japan 2004-2016 Nishimura Cup Sensei Seiji Nishimura

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