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Rewards Program

Our Way of Saying Thank you

Your Perkville Reward Points accumulate when you attend class

  • 10 points for each class you attend 

If you register for any belt test, private lesson, seminar, or tournament online, you get Reward Points

  • 40 points for each belt test, 40 points for each private lesson, 50 points for each seminar, and 50 points for each tournament attended.

Refer a Friend

As valued members of Fonseca Martial Arts, you are the best ambassadors to the communities that we serve. We would like your help in spreading the word about the benefits of our martial arts programs. When you refer a friend, you instantly get 100 points. When your friend signs up, you receive an additional 300 points.

Eligibility for referral credits-

Must be a paid member for at least 1 full month to get credit.

If you sign up and pay today for the whole month, and your friend signs up the following day, and puts you down as their referral, you'll receive a total of 400 points.


Reward Credit Applied to Account-

When your referral registers for the first time, they must put your email address on the registration form. This will demonstrate that they know you, and it will apply the credit to your account immediately.

How it Works and How to Redeem Points

  • Rewards Points can be redeemed toward any product or service that FMA offers – and this includes Gift Certificates! It also includes Retail Products, Private Lessons, Seminars/Workshops & other Special Events, etc.
  • You can manage and redeem your Reward Points through your Perkville account.
  • Rewards points are not transferrable, although as stated above, you could use them to purchase a Gift Card, product, or service for someone else. 400 points is equivalent to a free two week trial for a friend.
  • Points can accumulate. Currently, there is no max. However, points expire 1 year after earned.

*The Perkville Rewards Program is subject to change at the sole discretion of FMA management at any time. Changes will be posted on the website. Sign up for the Perkville Rewards Program to find out what other savings you can earn.


Receive an additional 100 points when you write an Online Review...

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