Karate Competition Team

Karate is one of largest sports practiced in the world with over 50 million people involved worldwide with 164 countries. Our competition class is geared towards competitive athletes who wish to enhance their speed, focus, accuracy, timing and efficiency of movement for local, regional, national and international karate competition. Interested students are required to obtain permission from their instructor. Fonseca Martial Arts students are encouraged to participate in competitions throughout the year. Your instructor can answer any questions or concerns that you may have about competing.

Competition Training

FMA provides additional competition training for members interested in tournaments. Students on the competition team are required to attend these classes. However, other students may register for competition training without participating in competitions. 

Competition Team

Competition team members must be enrolled in competition training classes and shall meet the minimum number of classes per week.  Additionally, the competition team will receive coaching at all events where coaching is allowed.  Competition team members will wear exclusive competition team apparel to all tournaments. The purpose for the competition schedule and requirements is to ensure that all competition team members receive the very best preparation and coaching for karate competition.  It also ensures that all students are held accountable for their commitment to the program. 

Competition Apparel

All competition team members are required to wear FMA T-shirts and competition team jackets to all competitions. Additionally, we offer matching competition team warm-up pants, dri-fit t-shirts, dri-fit polos, shorts and socks. All of these items may be purchased at the dojo. 

Dojo tournaments

This is a great opportunity for beginning students to learn about karate tournaments. Dojo tournaments are held at one of the Fonseca Martial Arts dojos and are only open to FMA students. FMA instructors are your “referees” for the 2-hour interclub tournament. Students compete as teams and everyone goes home with a medal!

AAU and USA-NKF Local tournaments

After students are comfortable with dojo tournaments, we encourage them to try local tournaments. The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and USA National Karate-Do Federation (USA-NKF) hold local competitions during the year—visit our website for dates. All FMA students are encouraged to participate at this level of competition.

AAU National Championships

Those students who qualify at the AAU Regionals are eligible to compete at the AAU National Championships. FMA has sent a team to the AAU nationals every year and returned with great results. Joining the FMA competition team at this level requires a commitment to training. Students will be required to attend team practices in preparation for the event.

USA-NKF National Championships

The USA National Karate-Do Federation is recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of Karate. Those students who qualify at the USA-NKF State Championships are eligible to participate at the USA-NKF National Championships. Students on the FMA competition team are required to attend team practices in preparation for this event.

International and World Championships

Several of FMA’s instructors and senior black belts are members of the USA National Team and compete in international competitions. These athletes are role models for younger FMA competitors.

Other competitions

Instructors will notify all students of open tournaments held locally and nationally throughout the year. The US Open is the premier international tournament in the US , and is held every year in Las Vegas during Easter/Passover weekend. The All-Hawaii Championships are held every year over Thanksgiving weekend. FMA will send a team annually to these events.

Contact Information

For more information about this program, please contact info@fonsecamartialarts.com or feel free to complete our contact form.

You can also call us at (847) 866-0200

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